Re: How to link XLX 299 R to Peanut Using AMBEServer on Raspberry Pi #peanut. #ambe, #anbeserver

Gwen Patton

Do you have an AMBE device connected to that Pi, like a ThumbDV? AMBEServer doesn't work by itself, I don't think. It needs an AMBE chip in a piece of hardware to do the coding and decoding. 

Peanut is a VERY limited app that runs on David PA7LIM's servers, on the reflectors he's configured. You can't change them, I don't think. You'd need your own AMBE device on that AMBEServer, and then BlueDV AMBE for Android to connect to it. You can use Peanut without a server of your own, you're just limited to the reflectors and rooms David set up. His servers have AMBE devices on them that handle the part you're missing.

I have a ThumbDV on a Pi running AMBEServer, and BlueDV AMBE on my phone and my Inrico T320, and it works just like you want. But unless you've got some hardware for AMBE you didn't include in that post, you're missing some pieces. Perhaps this?

If I'm mistaken, anyone please chime in.

Gwen, NG3P

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