Re: How to Change AMBEServer UDP Port Number?? #udpport #ambe #port

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I’m running multiple servers also and I did the following on the PI server:

pico /etc/opendv/ambeserver-ttyUSB0.conf
Changed the UDP port to 18307

Did UDP port forwarding on the router for 18307.

Frank k6fed 

On Jan 29, 2019, at 8:53 PM, Dev Gosine <dgosine@...> wrote:

Good day,
                   The AMBEServer defaults to port 2460. I would like to run multiple servers simultaneously. Of course, they can't all use port 2460 concurrently.

So the question is how does one change the UDP port either in the initialisation process of the Raspberry Pi and/or in the AMBE Server??

I suspect a file of two needs to be edited..... any ideas or suggestions??

I thank you for your contributions...73 Dev, 9Y4DG

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