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RE: "What are the differences and benefits when comparing “IPSC2-MINNESOTA” and “USA-MINNESOTA2” and “IPSC2-USA-MN2”?"

Choose whatever DMR+ server you like.
The fellow with the issue used the UK Video from YouTube
From watching the UK video of BLUEDV setup everything was setup for the UK servers
I was just trying to steer the fellow ham in the direction of USA DMR+ servers.
His issue was not about which server to use be it “IPSC2-MINNESOTA” or“USA-MINNESOTA2”
His issue was he could not connect at all.
That is what I was focusing on.
After posting it to this group I contacted the fellow via his personal email account with my sample edited capture of the setup screen.
So by the time anyone else responded he was already configured and up on the air on DMR.
He sent me a shining email thanking me.
I am not interested in engaging any rhetoric, just wanted to get the fellow up and running simply and smoothly on USA servers not UK servers as
the YouTube video indicated.
I am sure  the fellow will experiment with what servers work best for him at his location.
Anyone who wishes can use my sample setup screen or whichever one gives them a warm and fuzzy feeling and gets them through the night.
Beyond this the matter is closed
Cheers & 73 de VE6DZ

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A BlueDV DMR+ question –

What are the differences and benefits when comparing “IPSC2-MINNESOTA” and “USA-MINNESOTA2” and “IPSC2-USA-MN2”?




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On Sat, Feb 2, 2019 at 11:23 PM, David - N5MXI wrote:

DMR Master 3102 passw1rd

Use   DMR Master 3108 passw0rd
DMR 3108 is more stable
passw1rd is for a UK server and passw0rd is for USA and Canada
Here is a sample that works.
Make your setup screen the same using your info in the areas in red and it WILL work.

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