Re: Original ThumbDV and AMBED

Scott Weis (KB2EAR)

Also I can use AMBEserver on the same host after unplugging and replugging in the ThumbDV back in to restart usbserial ftdi_sio.


root@raspberrypi:~/OpenDV/DummyRepeater# ./AMBEserver

AMBEserver: Starting...

AMBEserver: Opened serial port /dev/ttyUSB0 at 230400 bps.

AMBEserver: Initialized AMBE3000R version V120.E100.XXXX.C106.G514.R009.B0010411.C0020208.

AMBEserver: Listening for connections on UDP port 2460.


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Sent: Friday, March 15, 2019 12:44 AM
Subject: [ambe] Original ThumbDV and AMBED


Has anyone gotten an original ThumbDV (230400 baud) to work with xlxd/ambed? I have changed to baudrate in the cusb3000interface.cpp. This is what I get:

Starting AMBEd 1.3.2

Initializing vocodecs:
Detected 1 USB-FTDI devices

Description : ThumbDV    Serial : DA00WQFK
Codec interfaces initialized successfully : 0 channels available

Initializing controller

AMBEd started and listening on

any ideas?

Thanks & 73,
Scott KB2EAR

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