Re: Original ThumbDV and AMBED

Scott Weis (KB2EAR)

I have now confirmed that it does indeed work.


Two changes need to be made. First the Product Description needs to be reflashed to read any of the following “ThumbDV" or "DVstick-30" or "USB-3000".  Any of which work fine. I used a program call FT_PROG.



Second, in the file cusb3000interface.cpp change line    int baudrate = 460800;   to int baudrate = 230400;   Then recompile.


And as long as you have 2 devices, or at least 2 channels that it recognizes it works just fine. (I used an AMBE3003 device for the second one.) The software will not initialize with only one. You also can’t have a new 460800 baud and an old 240400 baud ThumbDV on the same system.


Hope that helps anyone else going down this road.



Scott KB2EAR


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Subject: Re: [ambe] Original ThumbDV and AMBED


I am not sure if it will work, that is a question for the xlxd group.


But besides the baud rate the ThumbDV needs to be programmed with an identifier that the ambed server knows. 


On Thu, Mar 14, 2019, 21:59 Scott Weis (KB2EAR) via Groups.Io <> wrote:

Has anyone gotten an original ThumbDV (230400 baud) to work with xlxd/ambed? I have changed to baudrate in the cusb3000interface.cpp. This is what I get:

Starting AMBEd 1.3.2

Initializing vocodecs:
Detected 1 USB-FTDI devices

Description : ThumbDV    Serial : DA00WQFK
Codec interfaces initialized successfully : 0 channels available

Initializing controller

AMBEd started and listening on

any ideas?

Thanks & 73,
Scott KB2EAR

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