Re: Thumb DV with Android Phone

Robert Moldenhauer

I use a Galaxy Note 9 with a ThumbDV plugged into it directly with an OTG cable. I run BlueDV AMBE app. he combination works perfectly. I have access to DStar, DMR, and DM+ talkgroups, no C4FM at this point. I just checked into the Canadian DStar Net. Only issue is that the who screen is the push to talk and without a case it's easy to transmit by accident.


Mike Besemer wrote on 27/4/19 11:03 am:

Would like to hear from users who are using a Thumb DV with their Android phone.  I’m very interested in this combination, but due to the fact that I’ve already got too many irons in the fire, I’d like to know what I’m getting in to first.  Looks like Blue DV might be the way to go.  Thoughts?




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