Call Sign & Gateway config --- questions

Tom Cichowicz <tcichowicz@...>

I know this forum is really for the hardware aspect of the device, or at least I'm assuming it is. But I'm hoping I can get some help trying to understand the operational side of the device and technology as well.

My two questions for this post are as follows.

1,)  when configuring the Call Sign suffix what do each of the letter choices represent? (I'm currently using A) I see many users with A,B,C,D

      I'm guessing that it's A=23cm  , B=70cm  , C=2m ,   D=Dongle. Should I be using 'D' as I'm connecting with a Thumb DV. ?   

2,)  when configuring a DCS gateway, the letter designation seems to select a 'group' that you are labeled with while on the reflector.

       ie. I currently use a gateway of DCS006 N  which labels me as : USA Florida Group(N)

       while listening do I hear ALL group traffic? or only those in my 'N' Group?

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