Re: Cannot communicate on 460800 baud thumbDV with FTDXX2 library #thumbdv


Something I ran into with my DV Stick (similar to the ThumbDV) was to operate my COM port with hardware flow control. I operate at 460800 and 8N1. Hardware flow control solved some of my weird dropout issues with the audio stream. 

Mark wa4kfz 

On Jun 28, 2019, at 2:58 PM, Bob Recny <n8sqt@...> wrote:

What version of the ThumbDV do you have? Early units used 230.4kbps as default. While the FT230X can go up to 1Mbps, I'm not sure if those early units could handle rates above 230.4kbps.
Just checking - If you are using D2XX, have you removed any VCP (COM) Port drivers from your operating system for that device? D2XX and VCP drivers are mutually exclusive for the FTDI parts.

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