Log for BlueDV for Windows? #bluedv

Jim - K6JM

I am helping a ham who is using a ThumbDV with BlueDV for Windows.  It is generally working using DStar linking to both REF and XRF reflectors.  But one reflector -- REF045 -- does not allow his callsign to link and talk over the reflector.  Other callsigns, such as mine, work fine, but his callsign is only allowed to listen, not talk.

Normally this problem is caused by a registration problem, but I have checked and his callsign is registered properly with both a space and an A terminal.  His BlueDV Setup looks perfect and he can successfully use other REF reflectors, just not REF045.

I figure either the reflector admin is blocking his callsign, or more likely, that reflector is not getting the latest registration database updates.  When using other software, my next step would be to turn on logging and see what return code is given when he attempts to link to REF045C.  Does anyone know if BlueDV for Windows supports logging, how to turn it on and where the log file is written?

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