Re: Log for BlueDV for Windows? #bluedv

Jim - K6JM

Jack - Bingo.  REF045 is running a very old version of DPlus reflector software -- DREFD version 1.31.  The ham I an helping had registered his callsign on the G3 gateway that I administer.  My guess is that old version of reflector software is not able to authenticate callsigns registered on G3 gateways.  If we had BlueDV-Windows log, we would probably see that when it tries to link this callsign to this old reflector, their lookup fails and a return code of "OKRO" meaning Read Only - you can listen but not talk over that reflector.  What we want is a return code of OKRW.

The correct fix is to convince the REF045 Admins to update their reflector software to the latest version, but failing that, the user I'm helping can degregister at my gateway and register on a G2 gateway.  

There is nothing wrong with BlueDV for Windows nor with the user's setup and configuration.  The problem is entirely with the old version of reflector software.

Thanks very, very much for getting me headed in the right direction.

   Jim - K6JM

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