a new program, qdv!


I have created a new digital voice application called qdv, for "Quadnet Digital Voice". If you are familiar with BlueDV, qdv is like that, but unlike BlueDV, qdv also does routing, and it's open-source! The source code for qdv is on my github at https://github.com/n7tae/DigitalVoice. It is for Linux and is a graphical program that uses a Nortwest Digital Radio ThumbDV(tm) to encode/decode between AMBE and voice data. qdv is (at least so far) a D-Star module that can route or link. Besides a Linux computer and a ThumbDV, you need a USB headset (preferably with a built-in microphone). qdv will automatically choose the default input and output audio device so you just need to plug in you headset and your ThumbDV and you're ready to go.

For all my contacts so far, I have gotten excellent audio reports with qdv and I am using a very inexpensive headset. As something like an "alpha" release (since I am the only one who has used it so far) qdv is very early in its development. There are several new features I am planning and haven't yet coded.

Please don't respond to this topic. If you want to talk about qdv, I have set up a new group at qdv@groups.io.

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