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Gwen Patton

I backed off from the most recent version to the previous version because there were some annoying bugs. I think the most recent version (9551) has some issues that David hasn't had time to fix. I'd try going to the archive folder and getting the 9550 version. I've been running that for months now and it works fine. I used it last night and it was fine, and my setup is a little more complex, running on a Raspberry Pi through a powered hub. I keep a PuTTY terminal open to it with Tmux, a telnet cluster on the top pane and the bottom pane running AMBEServer. It's a very lightweight setup, with a dynamic DNS punched through the firewall so I can access it from anywhere.

On Tue, Aug 13, 2019 at 12:06 AM Andrew OBrien <k3ukandy@...> wrote:
I have not used my ThumbDV in a while.  Today I plugged in in and installed the latest version of BlueDV.  I set the baud rate in the set-up area tp 46080 and entered my comm port number in the two usual areas where we specify the desired comm port.  The comm port I chose matches the number shown in my device manger. I have the top box ticked under AMBE for ThumbDV. Despite all this when I then click on SERIAL nothing happens , the firmware is not detected.  I have tried it on a Windows 10PC and a Windows 7 PC.

Andy K3UK 


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