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Hi Andy,

"Firmware not detected" is a red herring when it comes to ThumbDV™
(and similar AMBE-3000 devices). That error belongs to some hardware
radio devices, but not the ThumbDV™ -- however, it is indicative that
there is a problem. I assume the 46080 baud rate is a typo, as it is
460800 (or 230400 on very old ThumbDVs).

I see you ran ThumbTest.exe at both baud rates. Did you unplug the
ThumbDV™ between the different baud rate tests? Did the LEDs blink on
the ThumbDV™? There are two main hardware components to the success
of the ThumbDV™. First is the FTDI USB to serial chip. Since you are
getting an indication that Windows sees it, then the DVSI chip is
probably working fine. The second is the DVSI AMBE-3000 chip which
does the actual vocoding receiving and sending packets over the serial
interface of the FTDI chip via USB to the computer.

If the AMBE chip fails (unlikely but possible) you would not have
packets going to and from the software on the computer (driver and
application/BlueDV). If you are unable to get a successful run of
ThumbTest.exe and want to send your ThumbDV™ back for evaluation, use
the form at

On Mon, Aug 12, 2019 at 9:06 PM Andrew OBrien <k3ukandy@...> wrote:

I have not used my ThumbDV in a while. Today I plugged in in and installed the latest version of BlueDV. I set the baud rate in the set-up area tp 46080 and entered my comm port number in the two usual areas where we specify the desired comm port. The comm port I chose matches the number shown in my device manger. I have the top box ticked under AMBE for ThumbDV. Despite all this when I then click on SERIAL nothing happens , the firmware is not detected. I have tried it on a Windows 10PC and a Windows 7 PC.

Andy K3UK
John D. Hays
Kingston, WA

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