Re: PiDV or ThumbDV - for D-Star repeater?


A D-STAR repeater keeps everything in the digital realm. Audio is neither encoded or decoded in the repeater. 

No AMBE device is needed the UDRC provides the modem and control via the dstarrepeater program. 

Otherwise the PiDV and ThumbDV are functionally the same. They just have different serial connection types. 

On Dec 18, 2016 09:03, "Konrad Roeder -- WA4OSH" <konrad.roeder@...> wrote:

I want to use UDRC-II to control a D-Star Repeater.  Should I be using a PiDV hat, or a ThumbDV?  What are the hardware and software implications?

--Konrad, WA4OSH

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