Re: Ambeserver

Patrick Perdue

Correct. ambed from XLX isn't compatible with AMBEserver's protocol. For XLX, I use a separate box with two AMBE chips. I tried running multiple ThumbDV's on a Pi with an instance of AMBEserver for each. It didn't work without a USB hub with it's own power supply. I eventually just went back to hosting one ThumbDV per Pi on two Pi boards in two different locations, one to serve as a backup for my Allstar/DMR bridge, and misc access to other modes when that isn't in use.

On 1/26/2020 12:14 PM, Russell, KV4S wrote:
I'm not sure myself. I only have 1 chip.
I've been told amabe server can only handle 1 chip. 

For xlx transcoding I've been told you install ambed and then the pi can have multiple chips but then it's not working for apps like DVSwitch and blue DV.

On Sun, Jan 26, 2020, 10:26 AM Nomis Bayan Jr. <nolyn78@...> wrote:
I followed the instruction fro installing the ambeserver on a Raspebbery Pi and ThumbDV (Installing AMBEserver on a Raspberry Pi and ThumbDV™). The sever is working fine. But When I added another thumbdv with different port, if the other thumbdv is currently being use and I I try to connect to the 2nd thumbdv, it will not connect. Before it was working fine and both thumbdvs are working at the same time with different port same IP address. Not sure why now the 2nd thumbdv will not connect. Verified the status of the thumbdv and both are active. Any advice.

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