Re: Newbie : Access repeaters rather than reflectors using BlueDV ?


On Feb 13, 2020, at 11:42 PM, Jack L. Blake Sr (AI4LL) <jblake8061@...> wrote:

Maybe my little DV Dongle that called itself Blue DV is not what you are using now. I know when I purchased this little DV Dongle, I was told by several folks that it was old technology and that was early last year. I purchased the little dongle so I could just plug it into my laptop, put on headset and not worry about having a radio. I have been on D-Star for the last 4 year and own the Icom 7100, 5100, 51A special edition and recently the Kenwood D74. I also use C4FM Fusion, and DMR. I stared out using a DV dongle the red one with my 7100 and laptop to get on DStar. After I purchased the Nano Spot which does all three of the most common modes I use it almost 100% of the time. I do have some local repeaters for DMR access, which I use when I want to chat local. So maybe my little Blue DV Dongle is not same was what you folks are talking about. Yes I know Echolink is FM, but it's easy to use. I also have a ILRP node. I was looking at a 220 AllStar node at Frost Fest last Saturday and am considering setting one of those up when money permits. I am always open to new ways to use ham radio. One thing using a phone is not as much fun as using a radio. although in reality a smart cell phone is just a Handie Talkie on 900 mhz talking though a repeater (tower). So basically when you are on a cell phone you are using a two way radio.
Jack L. Blake

On Thu, Feb 13, 2020 at 8:45 PM Chui K9CHU <chui.muro@...> wrote:

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On Thu, Feb 13, 2020 at 03:16 PM, John D Hays - K7VE wrote:
There is a use case for remote access to a local repeater. 

Local group has a regular net, but does not connect to a reflector.  A  member of that group is remote (vacation, business, ...) and wants to join the network.  BlueDV connected remotely to a 'local' repeater solves that problem.
I do prefer RF to a repeater, but there are legitimate use cases such as above.
This is exactly the case for me.
We practiced our ARES/RACES net, weekly, on Wednesdays.
This was previously done through a local repeater.
We lost access to that repeater, and have gone to simplex VHF.
We've tried to relay the information, and also have information distributed via Winlink.
This had caused our nets to drop to about a 20% retention rate.
We have installed a D-Star repeater, and a GIG-E internet drop, but as the radios are an investment...most of us do not participate in the nets anymore.

I'm not trying to use the BlueDV as a replacement, but it would be great to continue participating until "the old fashioned way" can come through fruition; for those us us with limited budgets.


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