BlueDV AMBE Audio Issue - display flashes between Listening & RX

Mike G4GOU

I am connecting BlueDV Ambe version 1.0.48 to my Ambe Server (with DVstick 30) remotely over the internet. 

This works well and without any issues on my Huawei P10. I also have an Inrico T320  (Quad core - MTK6737  Android 7.0 1Gb+8Gb ram) but when I run the application it connects to the Ambe server and connects to a reflector. However as soon as it receives any audio the display repeatedly flashes between Listening & RX. with a short beep over the received audio. When on transmit it is also slow at responding and exhibits similar issues with the audio,

I have also heard other users having success with a Samsung Note4, Nexus7 & Samsung S5 but with a RT4, Samsung S4 mini & Samsung Tablet the same issue with the audio is observed.

Does anyone know of a solution or of any PoC devices which it has been known to work?

Mike G4GOU

Just installed version 1.0.61 from Play store which has fixed the issue and also added PTT support.