Ideas of improvement / 2018-10-21

Ludovic Ludo

Thanks to everyone who develops around the key DVSTick 30
and especially to PA7LIM.

. Good ideo to have a setting of kill timer.
I sometimes speak after the time-out because I do not always realize that the time is up.
Is it possible to have a beep of time out to alert us ?
(activable / deactivatable option in the menu)

About buttons REF/DCS/XRF/XLS :
I use XLX but when i shutdown the software and restart it after
or when i stop/start "SERIAL", i am not to the XLX button but on the REF button.
Is it possible to stay on the last setting before shutdown or stop "SERIAL" ?

Fine command in the menu "Always on top" but no possible to reduce
the windows to keep only some information in order to have a little windows
like that for example which will be fine on little screen :

Best regards,
Ludovic - F5PBG