#thumbdv Thumbdv suddenly stopped working #thumbdv

Ryan Matthew Headley

I have used two thunbvs in my the ambed server for xlxd for about six months now.  Everything has worked wonderfully.

I rebooted the system running everything this morning, I when I went to start the ambed server, this was the output:

ryan@ryan:/ambed$ Starting AMBEd 1.3.4

Initializing vocodecs:
Detected 2 USB-FTDI devices

Description : ThumbDV    Serial : DN059GTP
Description : FT232EX    Serial :
Codec interfaces initialized successfully : 0 channels available

Initializing controller

AMBEd started and listening on

It looks to me as though the firmware on was on the thumbdvs is corrupted somehow.  Is this fixable?