DVmega stick (new to DMR user)

Brian Helm <helmet.head22@...>

I'm a new-to-DMR user and have BlueDV installed and working with a DVmega stick.  I am connected to Brandmeister DMR talkgroups and can make contacts just fine now.  I notice that when others speak, I mostly see their name and callsign appear in the software window.  However, when I transmit, I just see my DMR ID.  Is this normal and is there any way to get my call/name to appear?  I've looked at blueDV settings...I've logged into the brandmeister network and looked for settings I have also tried the Update-->Update call database... in blueDV as someone suggested.  I have had my DMR ID for several months.  Any other suggestions?
Brian K5CIS

[Note: DVMega and BlueDV are not products of NW Digital Radio.

BlueDV is a popular application for ThumbDV™ and there are knowledgeable users on this list.  

DVMega questions should go to the manufacturer]