ThumbDV ambeserver intermittent transmission #ambeserver #thumbdv


Hello everyone, I recently setup ambeserver linke to peanut and to our YSF Reflector which is alos link to our club's repeater (Yaesu DR1X). We recently encountered intermittent transmissions when TX from Peanut App to C4FM. All other modes don't have any issues. So from Peanut to any other modes, TX is ok, RX to peanut from other modes also have no issues. So the main issue is why are we having intermittent transmissions from Peanut going to YSFReflector? Anyone here encountered the same issue?
ThumbDV connected to RPI3B+ with 30mbps internet connection
MMDVM Repeater setup for YSF connected to Motorola GM300>Linked to Yeasu DR1x

73 de 4I1AYZ