Help with USB-3006 that suddenly failed out of nowhere


I am sorry if this is not the right group, I don't know where to ask about this one-off product bought a while ago.

My DV-3006 unit from NWDigitalRadio has been running great!  

Suddenly, it stopped.

When I started Ambed I get this, any suggestions?  Seems it can talk to the board, but not properly start up?

Description : USB-3006 A Serial : XC337RG3A

Description : USB-3006 B Serial : XC337RG3B

Opening USB-3006_A:XC337RG3A device

FTDI_read_bytes(4) failed : 0

USB-3003 soft reset failed


Disregard, I got to the datacenter and power cycled it physically and it came back to life.