Ambe Server Crash

Marco Della Cagna

I installed AMBE servers with Raspberry and Compass Linux, so my problem is that it works well for a few hours but then stops and I have to restart the Raspberry.
For your experience do you find the software AMBEServer stable ?
I use the Dvstick 30.
What I doing wrong ? How can I fix the problem? Does it happen to you too?
73 and Thank you
Marco / IK6IOQ


Hi Marco,

A number of users have traced problems like this to an inadequate Power Supply. Make certain that you see 5V at the PI and that your connections are reliable.

Bryan K7UDR

Marco Della Cagna

Ok Thank you, at the present i take power from the USB of the router, but tomorrow i will change whit a regular power supply and i hope i will fix the problem.
My best 73
Marco / IK6IOQ

Kenny Richards


As a datapoint, I just checked my Pi / ThumbDV at home (running Compass), it has been running for 48 days now. The last time it was rebooted was due to me having to move it physically. AMBEServer hasn't been touched since launched and was working as of two days ago. (Last time I launched Buster)

Kenny, KU7M