Audio receive problem with AMBE 3000 Stick on WIN10 Laptop

Karl-Aug. Eichhorn <dr.eichhorn@...>

Hello, I'm new on DStar and I try to get an AMBE 3000 stick working on my new Win10 ACER Laptop. My problem is: on the ACER I can't hear any thing in the speaker or my Sennheiser headset. The headset itself works fine with music and I have a good modulation while transmitting. But no RX audio? The AMBE 3000 works excellent at my WIN10 pc for amateur radio. No audio issues at all there. The only difference I found out is: the PC uses "Realtek High Definition Audio" drivers AND the Laptop "Realtek High Definition Audio (SST)" drivers mentioned in the device manager. A second difference is: with the normal PC I use USB 2 slot and with the ACER laptop I got only USB 3 slots.
Anybody any clue to solve this mystery for me which gives me hours of frustration :-) at the latop.

vy 73 Charly (DK3ZL / AD8AS)


Hi Charly,

Is this a ThumbDV™ or a 3rd party AMBE 3000 device?  They all function similarly, but NW Digital Radio manufactures and supports the ThumbDV™ exclusively.

It sounds like your AMBE is fine.  The USB ThumbDV™ appears simply as a FTDI USB serial port.  The interchange is encoded PCM digital audio and AMBE encoded data between the ThumbDV™ and the computer.  Programs such as BlueDV or Buster access the ThumbDV™ serially and exchange data packets with the AMBE 3000 chip.

All audio processing and routing, as well as radio protocols (D-STAR, DMR, ...) and network connections are handled in the program you use to access the ThumbDV™.  Assistance with PC specific and program configuration will require someone familiar with your particular setup.

USB 3 should be compatible.  One thing to be aware of is both the voltage and current supplied by the laptop USB interfaces -- sometimes testing with a powered USB hub can pinpoint if that is the issue.  For testing, I keep something similar to this in my shack --

Perhaps if you provide the ACER model number someone else on the list has direct experience.

Karl-Aug. Eichhorn <dr.eichhorn@...>

Hi John,
thanks for your quick reply.
With your first question you are hitting the spot: it's a 3rd party AMBE. And last night in our 80m daily qso party somebody told me about  the difference between 3000R and 3000F :-)
And after more hours of frustration I found out that my AMBE 3000F is now working fine with an older version of BlueDV ;-)

Thanks for the help and it's your fault that I ordered just now this nice Eversame-Multimeter-Chargers-Capacity-Banks for a few Euros :-)

vy 73 Charly (DK3ZL / AD8AS)


Bill - KI7BZ

dont forget to pull up windows device manager, find the thumbdrive under ports, then right click and update driver. this was a "gotcha" that happened to me. the win10 box recognized the thumbDV but it wouldn't work right until i updated the driver.