BlueDV for Android and ThumbDv


Hi David  Was wondering if an app is available for the Android using the ThumbDV.

Best George 


Hi George,

Not officially. I have a separate version where I can make a DSTAR QSO with. 
No hang timer, no DMR.. Only AMBEServer. Just for fun.. 
It's fun on WIFI, not fun on 4G because of large data. 

   David PA7LIM

Jean-Marc F1SCA

Hi David,

Should be nice to test it, if possible.




Code is not finished yet. Have to remove my call from code.. Everything is hard coded now. When done, I will post here.
Please understand that I can not support this version. BlueDV is all made in my private time. 


Jean-Marc F1SCA

No problem, just to test it, just for fun


Hi did some coding today. Can you please sent me an email? info@...