Differentiating the two Versions of the Thumbdv by inspection


I know I have seen an article on how to tell if the Thumbdv is an old version or new by visual inspection.  Google cant find it and I see no mention on this message board.  Can someon point me to it or just tell me.  I have have several and I know at least on is the old version.

Thanks in advance

jb  N4NQY


Hi Jay,

The very first units did not have the FCC Sticker on the back. They are all 230k4 Baud

Units ordered after July 9th 2015 are 460k8 baud

There have been a number of small tweaks to the board over the years with no change in operability.

The best way to confirm the baud rate is to try it.

Bryan K7UDR


Thank you. Just what I needed. I actually did as you said earliier. Plugged them in and tried both baud rates and if they would not do 460, I marked the V1. 

thanks for the response. 

jb. N4NQY