[spam] [ambe] BlueDV Windows for ThumbDV

David Dennis

I am looking forward to it!

I’m glad to see you added the DONATE button.   You have put so much into this;  it is only right you be compensated a bit for it.

I will be pressing that button,  as you’ve helped me personally before.






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Hello All,

Some news. Before end of this month I will deploy a new version of BlueDV Windows. This version supports Fusion RX and TX on YSF and FCS.
Sound quality is very nice on RX and TX! I also improved the sound quality on DMR RX in this new version.
At this moment I am struggling a lot to get the application certified so you do not get the unknown publisher errors anymore. 

Fusion on BlueDV Android is not available in TX mode. I can give it a try this summer, but I am always struggling with data types in Java. Also time is an issue because all of my projects and private life. 

David PA7LIM