ThumbDV - change manufacturer info.


I'm currently in the early stages of experimenting with my ThumbDV and xlx with an installation on Debian 9 x64 and I would like to confirm exactly what needs to be changed in my existing ThumbDV. Additionally, am I correct that any new orders of ThumbDV's will not require any change ?

After ftdi install I get :

Library version = 0x10406
Opening port 0
FT_Open succeeded. Handle is 0x55e32b0dc930
FT_GetDeviceInfo succeeded. Device is type 9.
FT_EE_Read succeeded.

Signature1 = 0
Signature2 = -1
Version = 0
VendorId = 0x0403
ProductId = 0x6015
Manufacturer =
ManufacturerId =
Description =
SerialNumber =
MaxPower = 90
PnP = 1
SelfPowered = 0
RemoteWakeup = 0
Returning 0

./ftx_prog --dump

ftx_prog: version 0.1
Modified for the FT-X series by Richard Meadows

Based upon:
ft232r_prog: version 1.23, by Mark Lord.
Battery Charge Detect (BCD) Enabled = False
Force Power Enable Signal on CBUS = False
Deactivate Sleep in Battery Charge Mode = False
External Oscillator Enabled = False
External Oscillator Feedback Resistor Enabled = False
CBUS pin allocated to VBUS Sense Mode = False
Load Virtual COM Port (VCP) Drivers = True
Vendor ID (VID) = 0x0403
Product ID (PID) = 0x6015
USB Version = USB16.0
Remote Wakeup by something other than USB = False
Self Powered = False
Maximum Current Supported from USB = 90mA
Pins Pulled Down on USB Suspend = False
Indicate USB Serial Number Available = True
FT1248 Clock Polarity = Active Low
FT1248 Bit Order = MSB to LSB
FT1248 Flow Control Enabled = False
Invert TXD = False
Invert RXD = False
Invert RTS = False
Invert CTS = False
Invert DTR = False
Invert DSR = False
Invert DCD = False
Invert RI = False
RS485 Echo Suppression Enabled = False
DBUS Drive Strength = 4mA
DBUS Slow Slew Mode = 0
DBUS Schmitt Trigger = 0
CBUS Drive Strength = 4mA
CBUS Slow Slew Mode = 0
CBUS Schmitt Trigger = 0
Manufacturer = FTDI
Product = FT230X Basic UART
Serial Number = DA01Q0A2
I2C Slave Address = 0
I2C Device ID = 0
I2C Schmitt Triggers Disabled = False
CBUS4 = Tristate
CBUS5 = Tristate
CBUS6 = Tristate
Rewriting eeprom with new contents.

Many Thanks,



New units are programmed with this command:
sudo ftx_prog --product ThumbDV --manufacturer "NW Digital Radio  MM/YY"

Where MM/YY is the production month, leave it off and just put NW Digital Radio, for existing units.

This should be the only change you make, do not change the PID or VID or any other values.

The main build of ambed has not pulled the change to support this product description, so if you want to recompile, make the changes in:

or ask Luc to do the pull and build.

Be sure your ThumbDV is the A model (eg, its baud rate is at 460800)

John D. Hays



Thank you John for your prompt response.

My ThumbDV is the A model..