Will the N7NIX scripts work with 2016-05-23 compass image & UDRCII?


Good morning. I have tried running option 1 for the CORE install instructions on the github. Got errors when trying to assign ax0 and ax1 IP addresses. I followed through to the end of the CORE and the verification of the CORE installation up to the point where I need to run ./ax25-start... it does not show on the n7nix/bin directory. The github instructions say to cd into bin (cd bin, not /bin).

I am about to run just the CORE install (option 2)

My interest is to run UDRCII for packet operations beyond Direwolf, namely a BBS and HF Packet if possible. Direwolf has run very well for the last few years on this equipment, just did not do it with scripts that last time.

73 de TG9AOR

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