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At 02:53 AM 5/24/2012, Tyrell Berry wrote:

The same is true of these vocoders... They are all lossy formats... And at such low band widths, they don't leave much left over to be lost again. My point is this: A transcoder between any two formats that use different vocoders will significantly degrade the audio quality... Maybe it will still be legible, but I doubt it will be a pleasant experience.

In light of that, going from one digital mode to another may or may not be considered worse than going from FM to digital, depending on the real world performance of that double (or potentially triple in a poorly optimized network) lossy conversion.
Another reason to push the network translation to the edge of the network, and another reason why EchoIRLP was better than other cross network solutions at the time. If you have multi protocol capable gateways, they will could attempt to choose a path that limits the number of transcoding operations to the ideal (0 between networks which use the same vocoder - EchoIRLP achieved this, or 1 when there was no vocoder in common).

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