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Hi John,
    WinDV is just one option to use w/ the ThumbDV on Windows.  You can also use the G4KLX software which works great also.  It looks like the Dutch-Star web site is down.  I can' t reach it either.  Considering the Dayton Hamfest is kicking off, I'd try to have some patience as far as getting a reply from Fred.  He's usually very quick to reply.  I'd suspect he's probably traveling.  
    While you're waiting,  here's some pointers to getting your ThumbDV working w/ the G4KLX software.  First make sure you check out the NW Digital Resource Page:

You'll find a link to this handy PDF file that has several screenshots on how to setup ircDDBGateway & DummyRepeater.  

It actually covers setting up the DV3000 & the ThumbDV on Linux & Windows.  I highly recommend grabbing the latest versions of both ircDDBGateway & DummyRepeater from the Yahoo Groups.  Also grab the AMBEServerWin file from the first URL.

Follow the instructions for using the ThumbDV as a network device.  This will save you from having audio issues while TX/RX.   There's plenty of web sites out there showing how all this is setup.  It might seem a little overwhelming at first, but I promise, it's fun.  I've been on D-Star over a year now and enjoyed it a lot.  In that time, I've bought the ID-91AD, the 51A+, the 31A, an 880 for mobile use, a 70cm DVAP, and now the ThumbDV and the Star*DV.  That's one of the biggest strengths D-Star has over most other digital modes.  There's plenty of options out there. :-)  I hope the info gets you started.  73 de KB7SQI!

Steve, kb7sqi

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