Re: UDRC: Yaesu is "good" with D-STAR

Tony Langdon <vk3jed@...>

On 22/05/2015 3:22 AM, 'John D. Hays' john@... [UniversalDigitalRadio] wrote:
Reception of the UDRC has been excellent.

I just want to be very clear.  

The UDRC only adds and enables the use of a DR-1X as a D-STAR repeater (and connects to the network using ircddbgateway - NW7DR  A  is my test platform).

It does not transcode between analog or Fusion Digital and D-STAR. 
It looks like the digital world's answer to EchoIRLP - access to multiple networks, but no bridging or transcoding between them.
73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL

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