Re: Pi - Can't Find AMBE Dongle On The Port Specified

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If you stop AMBEserverGPIO and run it from the command line

You can run with the -x flag to see what it is receiving and sending.  The tcpdump should see the packets, but the debug mode will let you know what the program sees.

There is a handshake between DummyRepeater and AMBEserver that needs to take place for DummyRepeater to recognize that it can see the DV3000 (or ThumbDV).  

You might also try running DummyRepeater as administrator under Windows.

Also, after you stop the AMBEserver, you might run just verify that the device is talking before restarting AMBEserverGPIO.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Guysr99.  The firewall is off on the Windows side. That was my first big mistake.   I'm running a tcpdump capture on the Pi, and I see a packet coming to the Pi from the PC on port 2460.   But, only one packet.  It looks like it can get there, but the Pi doesn't hear it.


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