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It doesn't appear you DV3000 is talking (we are talking about the GPIO plug in card on a Raspberry Pi, correct?)

From our site -- 

Test your DV3000 for communication with Raspberry Pi

sudo python

 The results should include:

Product ID
Wrote: 5 bytes
Wrote: 5 bytes

Your results do not indicate this.

If you do a 

ls /dev/ttyA*

You should see a /dev/ttyAMA0  -- this is the interface for the DV3000 (A ThumbDV would show up as a /dev/ttyUSBx where x is a number). In which case you would use

AMBEserverGPIO -x -i /dev/ttyAMA0

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Thanks, John.  First, I verified that my PC firewall is being controlled by McAfee and that I have the firewall disabled in McAfee.  I’m running Dummy Repeater as admin in Win 7 compatibility mode.  I’ve tried it in XP and 8.1 mode as well.  Then, I took the following steps.   Note: I had to specify a TTY port when I started AMBEserverGPIO from the command line, so I blindly chose TTY1.  Also, I started Dummy Repeater twice, so there are two instances of AMBEserverGPIO receiving data.  


Still wondering what I’ve missed.  Is there a configuration file for AMBEserverGPIO?  I don’t remember doing any kind of configuration for it.  The only files I edited were /boot/cmdline.txt, /boot.config.txt, and /etc/inittab.


root@raspberrypi:~# cd DV3000/

root@raspberrypi:~/DV3000# ls

AMBEserver    AMBEserverGPIO    AMBEserver.o  dv3000d-AMBEserver.pdf  dv3000d.o  Makefile            README.txt

AMBEserver.c  AMBEserverGPIO.o  dv3000d       dv3000d.c               init.d     README-dv3000d.txt  wiringPi



root@raspberrypi:~/DV3000# service AMBEserverGPIO stop



root@raspberrypi:~/DV3000# python ./











Wrote: 5 bytes


Product ID


Wrote: 5 bytes




Wrote: 5 bytes


Set DSTAR Mode


Wrote: 17 bytes



root@raspberrypi:~/DV3000# AMBEserverGPIO

An input tty filename (-i /dev/ttyXXX) or a COM port number (-c 3) must be set.


root@raspberrypi:~/DV3000# AMBEserverGPIO -x -i /dev/tty1

opened the Wiring Pi library

Reset DV3000

opened the UDP socket on port 2460

opened /dev/tty1

Wrote Reset 5 chars

Socket data

0000:  61 00 01 00 30                                     *a...0*

Socket data

0000:  61 00 01 00 30                                     *a...0*



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If you stop AMBEserverGPIO and run it from the command line


You can run with the -x flag to see what it is receiving and sending.  The tcpdump should see the packets, but the debug mode will let you know what the program sees.


There is a handshake between DummyRepeater and AMBEserver that needs to take place for DummyRepeater to recognize that it can see the DV3000 (or ThumbDV).  


You might also try running DummyRepeater as administrator under Windows.


Also, after you stop the AMBEserver, you might run just verify that the device is talking before restarting AMBEserverGPIO.


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