Re: Pi - Can't Find AMBE Dongle On The Port Specified

"Dan Ozment" <dan@...>

I meant to post details from the test with ttyAMA0…


root@raspberrypi:~# service AMBEserverGPIO stop



root@raspberrypi:~# AMBEserverGPIO -x -i /dev/ttyAMA0

opened the Wiring Pi library

Reset DV3000

opened the UDP socket on port 2460

opened /dev/ttyAMA0

Wrote Reset 5 chars

AMBEserver: unknown byte from the DV3000, 0xFF

Socket data

0000:  61 00 01 00 30                                     *a...0*



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That’s correct.  At one point I had Dummy Repeater and ircDDBGateway installed on the Pi, and I was able to make it talk to the card.  I was never able to get to it from the remote PC.   I have rebuilt and reinstalled the Pi since then.


I just tried again with ttyAM0 and got the same result. 


John, if I give you SSH access would you consider looking at the Pi?  I just set up a port forwarding rule to get to it from outside my firewall.  I forwarded both TCP/22 (on a non-standard port) and UDP/2460.   I could send you details in a private email if you would do that for me.



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