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Now that I have my DV3000 GPIO board running in my Pi 2 I have a couple more questions.

1) I'm running the software remotely - Dummy Repeater and ircDDBGateway on the PC connected to AMBEserverGPIO on the Pi.  Has anyone considered running ircDDBGateway on the Pi and only running Dummy Repeater Remotely?

Yes, do this regularly.   Fixed IP addresses work best.

2) I have another Pi running pcrepeatercontroller, ircDDBGateway and a DVAP.  If I can put ircDDBGateway on the Pi could I connect the DVAP to it and let the Pi run both the DVAP and DV3000?  I assume I would set the DV3000 up as repeater1 and the DVAP as repeater2.

The DV3000 does not talk directly to ircDDBGateway, only through a program like DummyRepeater.  I have regularly run ircDDBGateway + dstarrepeater on a Pi as well as AMBEserverGPIO,  and accessed both from DummyRepeater whether local or remote.  Running two modules through ircDDBGateway on a Pi is not a problem, especially with a Pi 2.


3) Has anyone tried running the whole thing remotely?  ie, DV3000 Pi at home and Dummy Repeater on the road connecting over the internet...   That would certainly take opening ports on the firewall or using a VPN connection from the remote to home.  

I have done so on fixed addresses, though you do have to watch network reliability since it is UDP.  For fixed addresses you might run a VPN on your mobile unit back to the router where your ircDDBGateway/AMBEserver are running.

(ircDDBGateway likes to know the IP address of the inbound module)

In all cases configure ircDDBGateway to listen on (all interfaces)



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