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The truth of the matter is, for linking, it just doesn't matter.  Having a proper callsign in the "MY" field only matters in two places:

1. If going through an Icom G2 gateway which looks to see if it has the callsign in the trust server database. (G4ULF can check or not, depending on the administrator's preference.)
2. If using callsign addressing, since the receiver needs it to set the return route. (By copying to the UR address)

On linked repeaters DPLUS mostly doesn't look at the MY or the UR except for when issuing link/unlink commands (and echo/info) and a few special cases.  

The other major D-STAR linking systems want something that looks like a legitimate callsign in the MY address, and filter's out callsign addressed (the UR is not CQCQCQ...) traffic, which is not intended for the link in the first place.

Understanding this, for the most part as long as the MY field contains a USRoot Trust registered user callsign, transmissions will be passed.

For other addressed protocols besides D-STAR, its mainly a hash between callsign and address.  Analog would simply need some understood address (for Icom G2 D-STAR routed calls it would have to have a registered callsign in the MY)  That's it.   From a technical point of view, that is...

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I think as long as the proper display is there, someone using the 1.2k gmsk modem with analog audio (or echolink with callsign pass-through) won't really be noticed. It will probably require some special tricks somewhere along the line to properly work with the Icom gateway software and such, but that's already taken care of in Jomathan's software.

Matthew Pitts

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