Re: DV3000 Pi Questions

"Dan Ozment" <dan@...>

John, I wondered if I could pick your brain one more time about my DV3000 configuration.   Last email exchange we had you said the following:


I have regularly run ircDDBGateway + dstarrepeater on a Pi as well as AMBEserverGPIO,  and accessed both from DummyRepeater whether local or remote.  Running two modules through ircDDBGateway on a Pi is not a problem, especially with a Pi 2.


I would love to do that, but for the life of me I can’t figure it out.   I have DummyRepeater and ircDDBGateway on a Win 8.1 machine talking to AMBEServerGPIO on a Pi2. 


On another Pi2 I have ircDDBGateway and PCRepeaterController (I think that’s the name) and my DVAP.


I would like to combine to DVAP, DV3000 and AMBEServerGPIO onto one Pi2.


Everything works as it is.  But, I cannot get DummyRepeater talking to ircDDBGateway on the Pi with the DVAP.    Could you possibly tell me how you did it? 


I think I need to be using Repeater2 on ircDDBGateway.  I set it up as a hotspot and but it on Band D.   I told Dummy Repeater (on the Windows Machine) the IP of the Pi2 and the port for Repeater 2 (20012) as shown in the following screen shot



However, I don’t see any indication that dummyrepeater is talking to ircDDB on the Pi2.



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