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A little clarification here.  The DV3000 and/or ThumbDV only convert audio to AMBE+ (used by D-STAR) or AMBE+2 (used by Fusion, DMR, etc.).  It does nothing with RF, Protocols, etc.  So no, it does not create a 'mini-repeater' or hotspot, etc.

It can be used by a software application to create a useful tool.  One of those is an analog to D-STAR bridge.  See

It can also be used with DummyRepeater or WinDV to connect your computer's speaker and microphone to the D-STAR network.

NW Digital Radio is working on a Radio which can provide a high power access point/transceiver, in the meantime, for low power applications (e.g. in the shack) look at something like the DVMega.

I suggest viewing to get a better idea how this all works together.

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Two answers:

First question: yes

Second query: don't know.

Like to add in, "why" ?

I do understand all of us would like to have a dv/analog radio that does everything (also, cheap), it's a little bit like shoes tho.  One size will probably fit everyone poorly.


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I'm rather new to all of this and Dstar. I don't own a dstar radio but might get one. Does the DV3000 act as a mini repeater so that I can have my own Hotspot at home and use an HT around the house to access it?

Also, the NWD site says something about Fusion access. Will this dongle work with System Fusion?


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