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The beauty of the software situation is that there are multiple software solutions.  Some open source and at lease one totally closed source.  Each have their special functions that make them unique.   Both the software developers and hardware developers are free to innovate their solutions independently.  The result is that every couple of months we see something new!   

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Personally I think they should be working together.  Seems the only one who profits is the hardware vendor, while the software coder gets nothing? 

I keep reading about a modified version of DSD, etc and can't help but think the reason these aren't publicly released is because the coders know it will help sell a product and what do they get out of the deal?

If nothing else I think someone like TAPR should bestowing awards on some of the kinds folks who have spent countless hours coding just for the good of the hobby.

Just my thoughts

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Since a hardware vendor can't possibly know about every software package that will work with the hardware, you contact the software vendor about their software.

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