UDRC Availability

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The UDRC is still under development.  

Chris has said that there may be a change in the I/O setup (Huntsville) on the interface connector so the board is being re-designed to have a more flexible pinout management.

The GMSK modem is going to be provided by an on card codec and we are still working through the bringup (prototyping was done with an external modem).

Also, there are some issues with hand-off back to analog when running AUTO on the Yaesu controller, so we may also implement a full analog controller on the card as well.

Software for the D-STAR and Analog controllers already exists.

For those who are mainly interested in D-STAR or D-STAR/Analog -- I will be providing a blog post soon at http://k7ve.org -- it's really quite easy.   

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Does anyone have an update regarding the availability of the UDRC from NW Digital?





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