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At 12:35 PM 5/24/2012, you wrote:
The entire “MY� call is unenforceable. It
is sent in clear text, is programmed by the user
and therefore is suspicious. By default, my code
does not check D-Star MY calls for one simple
reason ­ it could lland me in gaol. In most of
the EU, it would be illegal for me acting as a
citizen to deny another citizen access to
systems designed for the whole community based
on my perception of their licensed status. If
it turned out that the other party WAS licensed
and I had denied them access, then I would have
committed a very serious offence in both
anti-discrimination and Human Rights
terms. That is a custodial sentence. The only
people with the power to investigate illegal
transmissions are the police (or Ofcom working
with the police) and the public is advised to
stay out of police business. As any form of
closed system is also not allowed, that means
that irrespective of what someone TELLS me
either verbally or by electronic ID, I cannot
afford to block them for fear of acting illegally. If they break the

I'm not sure where Australia stands on
this. What I do know is that repeaters here are
all considered "open", in that they must be
available to all amateurs whose licence allows
them access to the repeater. The reasoning is
that because the repeater owner effectively has a
frequency "reserved" for the repeater's operation
(by licensing/coordination), then that resource
must be available to all. Limiting access to a
repeater by callsign would seem to fall foul of this principle as well.

However, access to "additional features", such as
IRLP, Echolink or other network access is not
covered by these rules. Precedence was
established by the ACMA fairly early on in the
IRLP days, so it is legal for gateway owners to
allow or block network access on a callsign or
other basis as they see fit. Personally, I've
always believed in open access and have run my
systems as open access to all user functions
(local and network). Seems as is common,
Australia is somewhere between the US and Europe on this.

73 de VK3JED / VK3IRL

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