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Matthew Pitts <daywalker_blade_2004@...>

Hello Barry,

I should have been a little more clear on what I meant; there are two distinct DMR networks, DMR-MARC (Motorola MotoTRBO) and DMRPlus (Hytera and DV4mini hotspots) which don't normally possess any interoperability, although that seems to be changing now. As of earlier this week, NorCAL DMR has established a nationwide talkgroup for DMR-MARC that permits access to a DMRPlus Reflector, which is where I will be focusing my efforts on the DMR side of things; I also plan to do the same for System Fusion, including a DMR to Fusion bridge.

Matthew Pitts

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Thanks Matthew.  I am interested in being able to the 2 modes on, either mode DMR or STAR but not both at the same time, no need for cross connect.

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