Re: Cross linking (Was: Codec2)

"John" <john@...>

The D-STAR specification has a solution to this "non-issue" -- it involves a little MSK preamble on analog transmissions.

It seems in it's simplest form, one could use a PIC or Arduino and use UR:CQCQCQ with the MY set to the radio's callsign and put it in the TX audio and PPT lines for a radio, similar to what was done on APRS for voice (in fact add a GPS and send coordinates in a payload as well).   

For linking, this is all that is really needed.  An analog repeater with a decoder would simply tell the linking system that the station whose callsign was in the MY field is present at that analog repeater. 

It you want directed traffic (callsign addressed), then a way to capture or set the UR callsign would be required.

--- In UniversalDigitalRadio@..., "siegfried jackstien" wrote:
> What we would need in the echolink system ist hat you can announce yourself
> to the system with a dtmf number ...

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