Re: any news yet on mac software for the thumbdv


Bryan will probably roll his eyes since he's heard this before, and I'll probably be forced to light myself on fire at some point in time as well, but...

I am the author of Buster, the aforementioned Mac D-STAR reflector client that will support the ThumbDV and the PiDV.  Buster is a native (Objective C) Mac, ground-up implementation of a reflector client with an emphasis on simplicity and robustness.  It will be open sourced on GitHub upon its 1.0 release and will be officially distributed via the Mac App Store.  While I am affiliated with NWDR and they have generously supported Buster's development, this is a personal project of mine and it will not be officially supported through NWDR any more than any of the other D-STAR reflector clients.

A week or so ago I got Buster to the point where I believe it is "feature complete" for the 1.0 release.  That being said, there are still some bugs and caveats that need to be stamped out before it's ready to put into the buzzsaw that is the App Store approval process.  Since this is not my day job and I do this in my spare time, this has taken a bit more time than I would like.  I'm hoping to have it into iTunes Connect by the end of the month and we'll see how long it takes Apple to approve it after that.

I think we have enough testers at this point in time, so I won't be adding any more.  All I can ask is that you be patient and hopefully I'll have something for you soon.

I am happy to answer questions that folks have regarding Buster as I have time.

Jeremy McDermond - NH6Z

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