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I don't know about others, but I write free open source software for the betterment of the community and to test out ideas.  I just released a simple, real time, self configuring dashboard for ircDDBGateway (it can be downloaded from the files section of that group  -- -- the license for it allows anyone to use it for any purpose with no warranty.  It comes from many days of work and testing, as well as 40+ years of programming and systems experience -- I don't expect a dime from it, but that is my choice. 

Some people choose to do closed software. Some choose to do open software.  Some choose to do software for their own use.  All of those are the choice of the developer and they are welcome to make those choices.

Many of us benefit from open software,  most of the Internet runs on open software, e.g. Apache and Linux and yes people make money using that software.  The authors sometimes provide the free open source software for the recognition (which can lead to a paying jobs) or simply to provide an altruistic or educational purpose.

If one does not want their software used by others, then license it using a commercial license, whether open or closed source.


John D. Hays

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