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I assume you mean DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) rather than DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale or Digital Rights Management).

The UDRC has an inbuilt DAC/ADC which would permit a variety of modems to be developed.  These might include GMSK, xSK, 4FSK, C4FM, ...  It is an open platform so independent software developers can implement whichever modem they need for a particular protocol.  Initially it will support a GMSK modem for D-STAR (operating in parallel with the inbuilt DR-1X Fusion controller), but others can be added later.  For example G4KLX's MMDVM project is working toward a family of modems and would be a good candidate if ported to the Raspberry Pi 2 or B.

Once you have a modem, then you need a protocol and routing stack for whichever system with which you wish to communicate.  For D-STAR the UDRC will support dstarrepeater and ircddbgateway.

DMR presents a couple of challenges and, as a company, NW Digital Radio has no current plan to implement it.  The primary challenge is the intellectual property licensing from Motorola required to have a legally licensed implementation.  Some amateur radio developers are ignoring this requirement and stand at risk to violation of patent law. (I am not an intellectual property lawyer so my observations should not be taken as legal advice.)  We have also not committed to a TDMA specification at this time (Though on the UDRX we are working for very fast TX/RX turnaround since this will be important for higher data rate throughput).

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Will it also be possible to work DRM connections through the Universal Digital Radio Controller (

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