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Some progress on fusion software reflectors?

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Will the new "fusion module" when completed, use ircddbgateway for its routing ?

and if so will we have a dstar - fusion crossover within ircddbgateway, ie can I link my dstar repeater and my dr1x to the same reflector. As I see it, bits is bits over the network, what ever module is at the end point would be responsible for transmission in the correct mode....  Or am I looking at it too simply ?? Is this the intent, or are the c4fm modules intended to be a separate entity using their own separate reflectors or rooms etc.


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System Fusion is on my radar as a communications system for me to support.

Jonathan  G4KLX

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Gary Pierce KN4AQ mentions the OpenSystemFusion project (not by name, of course) at about the 41 minute mark of HamRadioNow

Matthew Pitts
OpenSystemFusion developer

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