thumbdv problems


Have got the latest DV3000U thumbdv - had an earlier one when they first came out but got tempted and sold it but did use it HOWEVER.

Since i had the old one i have updated to windows 10 on one laptop and downloaded Buster on my macbook pro with el captain on 10.11.2

Firstly the mac as thats my preferred option.

Followed the step by step guide on the read me rtf file - i.e.: compiling in terminal etc

all directories seem to be in place when i plug in the thumbdv while buster is open it picks up /dev/cu.usbserial-DA01PT5C

so i presume its picking up the usb device ok.

The thumbdv flashes when plugging it in but only once and the led does not stay on.

at the bottom of buster it say 

Product id: vocoder not found

Version: vocoder not found

I have been through all the instructions about making directories etc etc and i can't find a fault

Am I missing something - shame its not a simple application install 


Windows 10

More straight forward WinDV installs fine

all drivers install fine usb assigned to Com10 - unplug it and plug it in all ok.

Try to run DV node and it crashes and just says DV node has stopped working (thanks windows it never started) windows will close the program and notify you of a solution BUT it doesn't

I think its an issue with windows 10 but i cannot revert back to windows 7 as I'm too late.

Would appreciate any help - thanks

My personal email address is: gm4jnw@... 

I don't want to contact Waters and Stanton yet as I'm sure its not an issue with the device

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