Re: Screen shots

"john_ke5c" <ke5c@...>

In general, I'm very interested in the UDR, I've done a good bit of testing (with Darren, G0HWW) of DTN, NORM, IPv6 and other protocols over 9K6 AX.25, D-Star DD mode, and to me it seems that it may hit a sweet-spot between RF range and data throughput (if there is indeed such a thing). I guess EmComm would be my main use/interest for it.
I too have been wondering about 9600 (or thereabouts) data. We might be able to take advantage of the gateway/internet infrastructure if a "Dd" DStar packet could be defined that would use all bits for just data, no voice. I'm guessing (hoping actually), the band modules and gateways would pass those so long as the headers were okay. Of course, it would sound like garbage to DV radios, but you could commit band modules to data only. dplus might burp, but you would probably callsign route such "data" packets anyway. Just brainstorming,


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